How To Increase Your Income In Dietitian Business

By Katie Anne Mueller

I came across a quote the other day and it said "I am proud to be a dietitian, until I win the lottery" and it got me thinking...

Why settle for earning peanuts when it's totally possible to earn more in private practice? I don't know about you but I believe that dietitians deserve much more respect and compensation for their skills than is currently on offer.

It is possible for you to increase income and financial stability as soon as this week! In this blog post, I'm going to show you how. 

And the best part...

You don't have to get new clients. All of this can be done from your existing client base. So let's get started...

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Here are three steps you can take right now to start earning more from clients you already have in your business: 

1. By Identifying What They're Asking For

What are your clients asking for on a regular basis? A great place to find this out is during a consultation, a phone conversation, an email / enquiry or even on social media (in messages or post comments). It could be they're asking for a meal plan, menu ideas, how to lose 5kg, how to stop emotional eating... whatever it may be, find it and you're ready to move onto step two...


2. By Giving Them What They Want

Now that you have listened to your clients and you know what they're asking for, you can now fulfil their request! Create a new product or service that is so in line with what they want... it will be near impossible for your clients to say no to purchasing it. Don't overthink this or put too much un-necessary pressure on yourself. Keep in mind that the first version you launch doesn't have to be the last. You can always go back and make changes or additions based on client feedback later on. Don't let perfectionism stand in your way of taking action to move your business forward. 


3. By Announcing The New Offer To Your Clients

All that is left to do now is to tell your clients about it!  They asked for it and you provided... this is a no brainer advertising campaign that won't feel at all like you're even 'selling'. 

Best case scenario is that you already have an engaged email list with all of your past and current client contact details. In this case all you need to do is send an email to your list announcing the new product or service and how they can get it.

If you don't yet have an email list (I strongly suggest you create one!) in the meantime you can get in touch with clients via the post or even a friendly phone call. Your social media pages are also a great place to announce your new product / service. 

Listening to what your clients want and then fulfilling their requests is the smartest way to consistently increase your income and business revenue all while keeping your clients happy and coming back for more. 

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