How To Turn Followers Into Clients

By Katie Anne Mueller

Building a website is no walk in the park.

It’s costly, time consuming and just down right stressful… 

But you put yourself through all of this pain to reap the gain right?

You keep reminding yourself that once the site is up and running, new clients will be flying in and it will all be worth it in the end…

But, if you’re like most nutrition business owners…

 The site goes live, you’re waiting for the influx of new clients

And all you hear is crickets… absolutely nothing!


You keep checking your emails for new leads… but STILL nothing

You have done all the right things. Hired a professional website company or used one of those (supposedly oh so simple) DIY platforms

You have written all of the copy yourself and upload professional pictures

But it’s not converting :-(

And the challenge still remains as to how to drive people from social media to your beautiful new website and...

Once they’re there… actually get them to take action and contact you – book an appointment – download your free offer – ANYTHING to make all of this time, money and effort payoff.

I know exactly how this feels, in fact I have been knee deep in this very situation myself

Let me share that story with you now before we move onto the system that turns followers into clients...

It was 2010 and I had made the decision to tap into the growing online market pace to grow my nutrition practice

So, I went out and hired a website company to build me a brand new “optimised” website that was going to exponentially grow my business and relieve me of all financial stress…

Well… that didn’t quite happen!

$10,000 later (yes, you read that correctly… I invested $10k into a project that didn’t return a single cent L

The site was live and all my dreams were crumbling before my eyes 

No new clients, not even any new leads or enquires

The website was sitting there like a beautiful digital brochure of my business that no one was looking at :-( 

At this point I was sold down a path of SEO

Because my site needed traffic driven to it – and then (I was promised) everything will be fine

I just had to solve this one problem, invest another $10k and I’d be gaining new clients online everyday

Fast forward a couple of years to 2013 and the website was still not bringing in new clients

Nor did the SEO do any more than put me further into debt 

So I decided that I needed to figure out this whole digital marketing thing for myself

And I did exactly that… 

In 2013 I completely transformed by business using one simple but highly effective digital marketing strategy that nobody was using in nutrition business

I hadn’t ever head of it before and can you believe that still today, this remains a heavily underutilized online strategy for nutrition business owners?

I discovered digital marketing funnels and how to use them to grow my nutrition practice

Attracting new leads online everyday and even at one point, 100 new leads in just 1 week!

I have since replicated this time and time again… just a few days ago I gained 61 new email subscribers in 48 hours using a marketing funnel

The big secret to attracting leads online actually has nothing to do with your website 

And everything to do with landing pages and marketing funnels

Here are a few key reasons why:

  • Keeps the prospects attention focused on the exact action you want them to take
  • Prospects cannot get distracted reading different pages of your website with different call to actions
  • Funnels create one seamless flow from social media (typically) onto your email list and into your business
  • You can completely automate the entire process, giving a better client experience while saving you time

Recommended Landing Page Builders

My favourite landing page tools include Clickfunnels and Leadpages

Using their templates you can have a landing page up and collecting leads in just a few hours – without hiring any tech professionals!

And the best part is...

Both of these platforms are super affordable even if you're just starting out in online business.

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Katie x