Top Dietitian Business Coach Reveals How To Overcome Money Mindset Blocks & Grow Your Income

By Katie Mueller, Founder & Coach at Dietitian Digital

I hated selling when I first opened my nutrition business but went on to generate multiple 7 figures over the past 10 years, and you can too.

The truth is, you can hate selling and still be PROFITABLE in online dietitian business. But there's one catch (keep reading to find out)

Sales was the thing I hated the most about being a dietitian business owner, yet it's the most important for keeping any business alive and thriving.

When I first opened the doors to my nutrition business in 2011 it's safe to say I had no clue what I was doing!

Focusing my efforts in all the wrong places...

Fluffing around with tasks that didn't make a scrap of difference to my bottom line. I was losing money month after month and STILL not recognising how important it is to focus on selling.

Convincing myself it was icky and pushy...

Like something I wasn't ethically able to do as a dietitian professional. Do you also feel this way about sales?

I let the fear of being told off by the professional body keep me quiet about my offers. I let the worry of coming across as too 'salesy' hold me back. I had convinced myself that selling was not for me. That it wasn't a dietitian's place to be out there spruiking big claims and irresistible offers.

This sales mindset kept my business stuck for YEARS! Heck, most months I was losing money. But thankfully I found a way to move past it and I'm sharing all about it in this blog post so you can benefit too. 

It wasn't until I hired a coach that things really started to change...

I began to realise that I can hate selling but my mindset about it had to change if I was ever going to hit my money goals. I realised that the MINDSET you have around sales is the only thing that sets profitable dietitian businesses apart from the struggling ones.

When you see sales as 'convincing' someone to work with you as opposed to offering a solution to help them live a happier, healthier life... it's going to remain a challenge to become profitable. 

So, with the help and guidance of my coach, I took action to put a simple and repeatable sales systems in place that automated the process as much as possible. More than that, I learnt to detach my identity from my business and offers so that it became just another daily task, a bit like posting on social media or seeing a client.

The result?

Multiple 7 figures in online revenue and a completely new mindset about what it means to 'sell'.

These are two things you can do right now in your dietitian business to start attracting more clients and making more sales online:

1. Define ONE simple and repeatable sales process and automate as much of it as possible 

2. Detach your identity from your business and offers. Who you are in business is not who you are at home because you have two very different goals to accomplish in each setting.  

Your mindset about sales is determining your current reality. If you take one thing away from this post today let it be that. Here are some steps you can take to improve your mindset and dramatically change the outcome of your business...

The two important shifts that took me from losing money every month in nutrition business, to consistent 5-figure months

1. One simple sales process that was easy to repeat and to scale

The more products you have the more work it is to generate sales. Consequently, the more variables in your sales process the more difficult it is to generate sales. 

What does your current sales process look like? Go ahead and answer this now...

Is there a way you could simplify this? Make it clearer and easier for people to take action and engage with your business?

Is there a way you could make it more repeatable scalable?

Your responses to these questions are the first step to increasing your sales and growing your online dietitian income.

The next thing you can do is...

2. Look at sales as a service to others rather than a burden

Do you believe in the product/service you are selling? I mean really believe in it...

For me, once I started working with a coach, I realised that one of the big reasons I was feeling icky about sales was because I didn't 100% believe that what I was selling was the best solution to my clients problems. 

I knew it could be better. I knew I could add more value and 'done for you' elements to make it easier and more likely for my clients to succeed. 

Selling something you don't 100% believe in will always feel pushy and un-natural. The first step to feeling better and more confident with sales is to create a product you truly believe in. Something so amazing, unique and valuable that you KNOW when someone invests, it's going to transform their life. 


You can hate selling, but you must not avoid it.

Attracting clients and closing sales is the lifeline of you business and career. 

It's the difference between supporting your family or not.

It's the difference between taking that vacation or not. 

It's the difference between servicing clients from all over world every single week, or not. 

You owe it to yourself and to the community to make more sales so you can service more clients. 

But you don't need to figure all of this out alone. Throughout my years in nutrition business I learnt that you don't know what you don't know and it takes someone who's been there before you to show you the way out. Otherwise it's way too easy to get lost in your limiting beliefs and remain stuck forever. 

That's why I want to help you. Let me show you the way to mastering the sales mindset and attracting more clients in online dietetics (for free) in a 30 minute strategy call.

We'll cover mindset, how to generate leads and close more sales so you can walk away with a clear plan to get unstuck and become wildly profitable in your dietetic business. I'll show you how to take your ideas and put them into action with a clear (and simple) step-by-step action list that harnesses the power of online tools like social media and google. 

Here's how to claim your spot before they all disappear...

CLICK HERE to access my calendar. Choose a time that suits you in the next few days and be sure to allow 30 minutes for the call.

THEN, to prepare for the call, grab out a notebook and pen and write down all of the things you want to achieve in your dietitian business in the next 5 years. Once you have done that, list down all of the things you currently think and feel about sales that are keeping you from achieving the business and income you really want. Bring those notes with you to our call so I can show how to move past the barriers and achieve your goals. 

Go now and book your session. Do the preparation work and I can't wait to speak with you soon. It will likely change your business and life forever. 

K x

P.S. This is an obligation free call to get you unstuck and mastering the sales mindset you need to succeed online as a dietitian. There is no hidden agenda or pressure to invest in my coaching services rather an opportunity to receive genuine help to move forward in your online business.