5 Tips For A Discovery Call That Gets Clients

By Katie Anne Mueller

Offering your potential clients a chance to meet you in an obligation free call is a great (yet hugely under-utilised and misunderstood) way to attract new clients to your business.

Rather than keeping cards too close to your chest and worrying about giving away time for free...

It can be helpful to instead think of the potential lifetime value (of the client) this strategy can bring in...

I have personally used this exact strategy to bring in over $30,000 from just one client...

The possibilities of long term gains for your business are limitless. 

But I have to be honest with you...

I have seen this strategy go horribly wrong for dietitian's and it has resulted in too many of those 'free loading clients' who just want all your help for free.

I'm going to show you my top 5 tips to avoid this and ensure your discovery call is a huge success for growing your online business. 

So, let's get you off on the right foot with these 5 important tips for a successful discovery call...


It's helpful to start with getting really clear on why you are using this strategy and what you want to achieve from the call. This helps to prevent you from getting flustered and nervous when it comes to the selling part at the end and also helps to drive your motivation to invest the time...

Know what you're getting out of it for your business. 

Getting really clear on your outcome is also important to enable you to measure if the strategy is actually working.

If you're not getting the results you set out to achieve...

Then it might be time to either refine your approach or try a different strategy. 

Some examples of what you can sell on a discovery call in dietetics are:

  • Gain new high ticket private coaching clients (For $1k+ packages)
  • Fill an online group course
  • Recruit members for a membership program
  • Book attendees into an event such as a retreat or wellness weekend

The discovery call strategy is typically not that useful (or necessary) for selling lower priced services of less then $500. For example an online course, ebook, webinar or one off consultations. 


Once you know what you want to sell from the call...

The next tip is to know in detail, what type of client will benefit the most from this service or product. WHO do you want to be getting on this call with you?

Even if your first thought is that it can help everyone...

Keep digging for better clarity as it will help greatly towards your conversion rate. The better qualified leads you have on the call, the more successful (and enjoyable) it will be for you. 


Get your audience excited about the idea of jumping onto a call with you by calling it something interesting. 

The term 'discovery call' has been so widely used that it can seem a bit 'overdone'.

The other big downside of calling it this is that it doesn't give any insight into what will be gained on the call and how you can help...

This lowers the incentive for your dream clients to want to book in. 

Try coming up with a name that is focused on the result you can achieve... 

What you can give them in return for their time (in addition to an opportunity to keep working with you).

Some ideas for great names are:

  • Discover how to have a binge free night tonight
  • Get your free kick starter plan
  • IBS Breakthrough Session
  • Food freedom jump start
  • Healthy living strategy session
  • Stop your symptoms breakthrough session


Once you're on the call, you want to ask as many questions as you can to find out three core things:

  • Where they are now
  • Where they want to be 
  • What has stopped them from getting there in the past

You're digging for answers and insight into their world because the better you understand this... the easier and more successful the call will be.

Try to let them do most of the talking until you reach the end of the call where you want to start talking about how you can help them reach their goals. 

Listening and reiterating what you have heard, are very useful skills on a discovery call. 


My final tip for you today is to lead the sale.

Now I know this one might sound a bit scary because selling can feel very uncomfortable when you're putting un-necessary pressure on yourself. 

This is the part of the call where most dietitian's get nervous and mess things up!

To avoid this, try and think of the entire call, from start to finish, as an opportunity to assess whether or not your product / service can help this person or not. 

If, once you reach the end, you decide they're not well suited to your product / service then explain that and move on. 

On the other hand, if you think they are a perfect fit to work with you then it's your job to get them signed up and committed. 

To do this successfully you need to take the lead and walk them through your on-boarding and payment processes. 

Do your best to get all of this done on the call. It's really difficult to get people back and excited to sign up if you let them hang up and think about it. 


If you know you can help them and they're a perfect fit for you...

Give them the confidence and reassurance they need to sign up. 

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