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How Can I Get Nutrition Clients Online?

How Can I Get Nutrition Clients Online?

So you’re wanting to attract more ideal and private paying nutrition clients online? In this blog post I’m going to deep dive into the exact strategies you need to book an online client (or two or three) in the next 24 hours. 


Yep, you read that right… 


In the next 24 hours, even if you don’t have a huge following, an email list or online course yet. 


For those who don’t know me, my name is Katie Mueller. I’m a bariatric dietitian and nutrition business & marketing coach from Australia. I have worked with hundreds of nutrition businesses to help them grow and attract more clients online. My strategies have generated more than $2M in sales and are working right now for dietitian’s just like you. 


If you’re wanting to attract nutrition clients online, you’re in the right place. That’s exactly what I’m going to be sharing with you in this blog post today.


But first, let’s talk about why so many dietitian’s struggle with online client attraction. Because there is one common mistake that kept me stuck for years! And unfortunately continues to keep other dietitian stuck when it comes to marketing nutrition services online.


Overthinking it!


As dietitian’s we are so good at procrastinating, perfect ionising and overcomplicating just about everything :-) 


Myself included!


And while sometimes this can really work in our favour like when researching a topic, writing a paper or analysing a diet. When it comes to online marketing and client attraction… it’s the worst thing you can do. 


Here’s why…


The online world is moving so incredibly fast and if you want to be able to cut through the noise, stand out and attract clients you have to move fast as well. 


Sitting on and pondering over social media posts, lead magnets, captions and blog posts is only costing you clients. 


The solution is IMPERFECT ACTION.


I know, even the sound of those words is enough to make any dietitian cringe but its the only thing that really matters if you want to transform your brand online and attract more clients. 


So, with that imperfect action in mind. Let’s move onto look at three strategies you can use right now to attract online nutrition clients in the next 24 hours. 


It’s super important to always remember that client attraction is a system and just like with any system, if you try to fast track and skip some steps it doesn’t turn out very well.


Just like when I first launched my online bariatric membership site. 


I share this story with you because its a perfect example of how trying to skip steps in the system doesn’t work and also that failure is a normal part of the journey to success. 

So back in 2015 I took my nutrition business online with a bariatric support product. It was an online membership that offered nutrition, fitness and mindset resources. 


I worked really hard on developing everything, spent tens of thousands of the businesses profits to develop the digital product until finally it was ready to launch. 


I was so proud of what I had created and so I went out and put the website live and…






No-one signed up.


To say it was a kick in the guts is an understatement. How could this fail? How could I fail?


My first launch was a disaster. 


Not because my product was bad or because there was anything wrong with me as a dietitian or as a business owner. 


But because I didn’t follow the system of online client attraction and sales. 


The first step you must do is build visibility.


If nobody is paying attention to your brand online then no matter how much you talk about your services or how many times you post its not going to get you the results. So first and foremost is be visible to your target client online!


The quickest and easiest way I was able to build this for my bariatric practice was with paid advertising on Facebook. But now that ads are more difficult and more expensive to run, I’ve been using some other exciting (and free) ways to build visibility with my dietitian clients. 


Social media is an excellent place to start. My platform of choice with my dietitian clients in the Dietitian Business Academy (DBA) is Instagram because it is the best right now for attracting BUYERS not just followers. Compared to other social platforms like Facebook, you tube and linked in, Instagram users are 40% more likely to make a purchase from something or someone they saw on Instagram. 


So, the first thing you want to do is understand who you are wanting to attract online as a client. 


Then you want to look at which social platform are they using the most so you can get your content in front of them. 


The final piece to this visibility puzzle is to create content FOR THEM. Not for you. 


The best visibility content talks in the language of who you’re creating it for and it touches on problems they are struggling with in that moment. 


It’s not regurgitating information, using jargon language or talking about a future they can’t even imaging yet. It’s talking to what they’re thinking, feeling and experiencing RIGHT NOW. 


Once you have built visibility and the right eyeballs are paying attention to your brand online, the second step is lead generation. 


Ever since that failed first launch I told you about earlier, my motto in business & sales has been this…


Always serve before I sell. 


Not only does this ensure you never skip a step in the system but that you also never come across as annoying, sales-y or pushy. 


Feel free to steal that saying and use it in your business as well :-) 


Before you start talking about your offer (what you want to sell) its so important to GIVE first and in doing so, covert social media followers into email list subscribers. 


This is where you need a great freebie on a topic that’s related to what you want to sell so you can sort out who is really interested in fixing this problem right now and who isn’t (from your visibility efforts)


Those who take you up on your freebie are your warm leads and are the ones you will be able to convert to a client the fastest and the easiest. 


So now all that’s left to do is share your offer with those warm leads and the best place to do this is via your email list. Although, reiterating with social media content works great also. 


So lets recap for a moment…


Online client attraction is a system.


It’s a three step process of Visibility, Leads and Sales. 


The fastest and easiest way to attract nutrition clients online is to follow these steps:

  1. Understand who you are wanting to attract as a client 
  2. Determine where they are hanging out online and if you’re not sure, Instagram is my platform of choice for dietitian’s 
  3. Create relatable visibility content and post it consistently 
  4. Serve before you sell by offering a helpful freebie in exchange for their email address
  5. Share your paid offer via email and social media posts
  6. Book the client


The world needs more dietitian’s like you getting out there online and helping and serving beyond the borders of your local area. Your skillset is unique and there are hundreds of people out there right now who need what you have to offer but don’t know you exist. 


Get the right content in front of them and your dietitian business will be flooded with as many clients as you can possible handle. 


Come and join us inside the Dietitian Business Academy. Over 12 months you will be supported with online resources, private coaching, group action taking classes and so much more to implement everything you’ve learned today and get you where you want to be. Head to getnutritionclients.com to watch the free class and learn more today.