Digital Course Creation Roadmap For Dietitian's

By Katie Anne Mueller

I don’t know about you but I’m not one to want to sit in my consulting room and say the same thing over and over again to every client…

Some day’s it would feel like I’m a broken record…

Sound familiar?

It wasn’t all that rewarding nor did I ever feel like I was helping my clients to the best of my ability, compared to If I had I been given the opportunity to work more closely with them and over a longer period of time…

Instead of just a few referred visits.

Course creation saved me from the predictability and monotony of one-to-one consulting.

It could do the same for you…

Adding variety, a passive income stream and the ability to reach more people without having to increase your workload.

Turning your knowledge into an online course takes you from a time-for-money business and gives you something that you can truly scale at large without running yourself into the ground.

Want to know the best part?

Often, clients are happier and work with you longer because accessing your support via an online course takes away the two biggest barriers they face to seeing you in your rooms

Time and cost.

Online courses enable clients to be able to access your support 24/7 and from anywhere in the world...

For a fraction of what it would cost them having to obtain that level of support face to face. And because online courses give you greater reach…

You potential income grows, despite charging less per client or customer.

If this sounds interesting to you then I encourage you to invest the time to read on as you’ll discover some real course creation gems…

We’ll even get to mapping out the overview of your very first course (get that for free here now).

I have put this roadmap together to help get you get off to the best start and enable you to create an online course in a fraction of the time you might think it takes – AND for way less stress ;-)

The first thing to do is consider the different types of online courses you can choose from and decide which is going to be the right type for you…

Course Types

There are three core types of courses and they are:

The Overview

This is the lowest level of all online courses and often sells for the cheapest price -

around $50 - $200. It provides a general overview of a topic or system but doesn't go into great detail about how to master the steps along the way. This could also be considered an 'info product' as it teaches on a topic rather than being focused on achieving results for the student.

The overview course works great as a mini training that you can use to gain new customers and clients that will then go onto join one of your bigger courses.

It also works great as a bonus or add on to one of your other service offerings.

The Deep Dive

This is the next level up in terms of depth of content. In this type of course the overview will be complimented by a deep dive into 1-3 milestones giving the student an opportunity to really master certain aspects of the system being taught, but not the entire process.

For example in an online weight loss program this level course may include short training videos on exercise, food groups, nutrients, hydration, portions, snacking and mindset plus give out menu plans and workout plans which allow for mastery of these particular milestones.

The Signature

This is the 'big daddy' of online courses. It's the complete system - a journey for your student from A to Z, allowing them to escape their current situation and arrive at their goal by the end of the course. These courses are often set out into 6-8 core modules (or topics) and then broken down further into 4-6 smaller lessons on that topic.

There is usually bonuses and lots of complimentary material added into the course to really enable the student to gain access to everything they need to succeed at reaching their desired outcome.

This is the course type that is your ticket out of 1:1 consulting and into a business that gives you more freedom and lifestyle :-)

If your goal is to escape 1:1 consulting and grow your impact then it’s the signature course that you’re ultimately striving for…

It’s all you need to transform your business and income – just one really great signature course that you can sell over and over again to impact potentially thousands of lives around the world!

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