How To Create A Freebie That Get's You Clients

By Katie Anne Mueller

If you don't yet have a freebie in your digital marketing game plan... then today is the day we're going to change that my friend! 

You'll be pleased to know that it's not as complicated as you might think AND to make it even easier, I'll be sharing with you 6 steps to creating an irresistible freebie for your business in this blog post...

So let's get started!

What Exactly Is A Freebie & Why Do I Need It?

A freebie (or lead magnet as might have heard it called) is used at the front end of a funnel to bring new leads into your business.

It attracts the attention of your ideal clients, raises awareness of your brand and most importantly... collects email addresses to grow your list.

Now if you know me, you know I'm all about digital marketing funnels... it's my secret weapon when it comes to business success online. Creating your irresistible freebie, is the crucial first step to building your one great funnel! 

Before I share my 6 steps with you, let's look at the common reasons why freebies fail and how you can avoid them...

What NOT TO DO When Creating Your Freebie

x Skimp on the value it provides

I know it's tempting to just slap something together and not give it a second thought, just because it's free. But this will set you up for trouble down track when your freebie isn't bringing in new clients. Instead of thinking about what you're giving away... try instead to focus on the lifetime value it can bring in when you get that loyal client who becomes a raving fan of your business. 

x Irrelevant to your target audience 

When putting your freebie together, be sure to consider what your market wants rather than what you want to teach them. At this early stage in your relationship with new leads... it has to be all about them.

x Gives away too much information

The trick to a great freebie that gets you clients is to share the what and the way of your topic but hold back the how. The how is what comes later when they buy your services or products. 

x Miss the opportunity to create desire and excitement about your business

The most successful freebies create excitement and buzz about your business. They give one or two simple first steps that enable the client to start seeing results and have them searching for ways to get more.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way...

Let's move onto the 6 steps to create your irresistible freebie:


Give your freebie a great name that creates desire, intrigue and entices your audience to want to know more. Some ways you can achieve this is by: 

  • Calling it the opposite of what they might think. For example "Why (counterintuitive) works for (your niche)"
  • Keeping it focused on the result of  your services. For example "X ways to Y"
  • "How to eliminate X"
  • "The truth about X"
  • "Say goodbye to (common frustration)"


Be carful with this one... by helpful content I don't mean giving away everything you know in your freebie.

Instead, remember it's still early days in your relationship with the new lead, they are still learning about who you are, what you do and how you can help them. 

For this reason, content such as your bio, values and beliefs of your business and insight into your paid offers has a much needed place in your freebies...

Alongside your educational content.


Another useful thing to consider including in your freebie is addressing common objections and frustrations of your target client. Incorporating this into your writing helps to build the trust and relationship. 

Common objections in dietetic business are lack of time and lack of money. If you can communicate that your service overcomes these objections (and others relevant to your business), your freebie will be working very well to get you new clients.


There are several different forms you can present your freebie in. These include:

  • E-Book 
  • Checklist
  • Actionable Steps or a Plan to follow
  • Mini training videos
  • Webinar
  • Swipe File
  • Challenge
  • Live Event

Choose the right format for your audience to ensure your freebie is successful. The best way to find out which form is best is to look at what's already working in your niche...

Look at what other successful businesses are offering as their freebie and choose the same format.

Some examples of successful freebies I've found to work really well in dietetics is a challenge, sample meal plan or an E-book. 


This is really important to creating a successful freebie... you need to hold back the HOW!

Instead you'll focus on sharing the what and why of your topic but not the steps of how to achieve the result...

That's what you'll share in your paid services. 

As I mentioned earlier, you might like to share one or two steps to get your audience some initial results, and that's perfect! Just be sure to move on to explaining that there are more steps to the complete solution and how they can sign up to work with you to finish what you have started together. 


As much as your freebie is there to share insight about your business and offer helpful content to your audience, it's also there to get you clients and customers. 

Take the opportunity to share a summary of your product or services and what the next steps are to working with you. 

HOT TIP:  Try to avoid any 'dead ends' in your digital marketing... you always want to be leading your audience further down your sales process for as long as they're still interested in working more with you. 

The Next Step


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