How To Write Social Media Captions

By Katie Anne Mueller

Would you like a system that allows you to write social media captions in less than 2 minutes each AND...

Improves readability for your audience while also boosting engagement?

Then I have a treat for you today :-) 

I'm sharing with you my complete step-by-step system for writing engaging and entertaining social media captions...

We're going to put an end to:

  • That "uummmmm what do I say about this post" kinda writers block
  • Boring one line captions (because you can't think of what else to say ;-) 
  • Slabs of text that keep your audience scrolling
  • Captions that don't compel your audience to take any action toward your business
  • Social media posts that don't work to bring you consistent new leads

Ready to dive in?

Let's get started with STEP ONE...

1. An Attention Grabbing First Line 

Did you know that a whopping 80% of people don't read past the headline?! It sure puts the pressure on to come up with something compelling, right?

The first line in a social media post is your headline - it needs to grab attention, summarise the main message of the post and have an element of engagement...

In order to capture attention. 

It sure sounds like a lot to fit into one little sentence, I know...

But here are some tips to make this a breeze for you every single time:

  1. Start with an emoji that relates to the tone of the post. For example if you're asking a question use the 'hands up', if you're busting a myth try the 'alert' or 'speaker' and if you're educating use a relevant food emoji or a 'did you know' with the 'thinking' or 'geek' emoji.
  2. Next you want to share your main message. For example in a question post, after your emoji, you could say "Want more ENERGY? Try these foods"
  3. Capitalise your key words. Be careful not to capitalise too much so as you don't come across as pushy but capitalising one or two key words helps your message to stand out. For example "Four things you didn't know about PROTEIN" or "Ready to stop missing your FAVE FOODS?"

2. Break Up The Text

Keeping paragraphs short by breaking up the text, helps to keep readers engaged and more likely to read on to the end. The end of the post is where you will have your call to action so the more eye's you can get there the better. 

Aim for about 2-3 lines per paragraph maximum. 

3. Capitalise Key Words

 Using capitals to highlight key words not only helps to share your message more clearly but also keeps the text engaging and easy to read. Be careful not to capitalise too much...

2-3 words per post is a good guide.

When choosing the words to capitalise, try to ensure they match your message. For example if your post is about fats the words you choose to capitalise may be things like "GOOD Fats", "Heart HEALTH" or "Cholesterol LOWERING".

4. Use Emoji's

Emoji's are another great way to add emotion to your captions while also breaking up the text and making it easier to read. Keep to a maximum of 6 emoji's per caption to be sure you're not using too many and detracting from your message.

Use emoji's where it makes sense to by making sure they relate to the text around them. For example if you're talking about a particular emotion it would be fitting to use the corresponding emoji there also. This also works great for food captions such as recipes or meal ideas where you can spice up your caption with the corresponding food emoji. 

5. Finish With A Call To Action

The final and most important part of your caption is the call to action at the end. At this point you have provided value via entertainment, education or empowerment, the next step is to give the reader instruction on what's next. 

This is the key to turning followers into subscribers and clients so be sure to do this at the bottom of every post. 

Here is a good template you can follow in your posts..

"I help (your niche) to achieve (your result). Apply for coaching via this link and get a complimentary (your freebie) during the call"

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