'For Dietitian's Who Want To Sell High Ticket Services Online


...Even if nobody's heard of you'

If you'd like to earn more by doing less so you can achieve financial stability, work with dream clients and enjoy work/life balance then THIS is the program for you...

Streamline Your Nutrition Business & Grow Your Income

If you're anything like I used to be, the thought of being a 'business owner' is pretty scary. After all, we're dietitian's not entrepreneurs, right? But, (like me) you want to attract enough clients to make enough income so that you can enjoy a life of freedom, flexibility and choice.

Unfortunately most dietitian's stay stuck and unfulfilled in their career because they believe that in order to make good money online you need a massive Instagram following and business / marketing experience. They let the imposter syndrome, lack of confidence and self doubt take over

For many years, this was me too. I took course after course, coach after coach... all in an attempt to feel 'ready' and qualified enough to be a virtual practice owner. To feel worthy of earning a 6 figure income. To feel established enough to launch my digital courses and to feel experienced enough to own an online practice that was buzzing with ideal clients. Here's the thing though...

You can only overcome all of these feelings once you start TAKING ACTION...

And not just any action but the right action, in the right order

For me and my clients it's been about taking action to streamline the business. To bring all of the parts together into organised and highly optimised lead generation and sales funnels. Allowing you to scale your impact and income without losing control of work/life balance. 

Listen, I know there are many other nutrition business coaches out there making big promises about what you can achieve in virtual practice. I'm not going to say that you will build a multi 6 figure income or hit $10k months with my programs (although many of my clients have). I respect you enough to know that you understand only you can control the amount of success you have and that success is dependant on many factors such as work ethic, previous experience and willingness to take action. If you're looking for these hype-y promises then the Dietitian Business Academy is not for you. BUT...

if you're ready to get serious about attracting high ticket clients online...

If you're ready to start making enough money to support your family & achieve financial stability...

And If you're ready to streamline your business in a way that allows you to scale while still having time to enjoy life...

Then the Dietitian Business Academy will be the program that changes your life and business forever. 

But don't take my word for it. Here's what past client's have to say:

Client Stories

I spent a lot of time researching how to market online, how to grow an online business but it wasn't until I started working with Katie that I really started to see my business take off. What I've invested in Katie’s program has been worth every single penny. While in her program I started to book clients right awayso it's really exciting and I actually saw that her program works

JACKIE @flourish.nutrition Florida, USA

I took my hobby business and turned it around. When I first came to Katie I was frustrated, overwhelmed and quite frankly ready to quit. I went on to sell out my group program, launch a successful facebook group and a podcast in a matter of months

Tami @perimenopause.nutritionist New York, USA

When I first started working with Katie I was not confident, I did not know what to do or where to begin. Katie helped me so much. She taught me how to navigate social media, how to optimise my profile and the most important lesson I learned from Katie is my new mindset. That it’s about how I can help people and support people to reach their outcome or goal

Dea @groweatnourish_dietitian Sydney, Australia
Dietitian Business Academy

How It Works

PHASE ONE, POSITION: Pin point your dietitian genius zone and get set up with the tools & strategies needed to harness the power of Instagram and social media to attract an abundance of high ticket clients. Together we'll get clear on your most profitable niche, your content strategy and messaging to set you up for success and help you to stand out from the crowd. 

PHASE TWO, TRANSITION: Be guided step-by-step through the process of transitioning from sessions to SOLUTIONS. This phase is a game changer and is what sets the successful virtual dietitian's apart from the ones struggling to monetise and attract clients online. Create your product/s, craft your irresistible offer and start making more sales online, FAST! All without a website, fancy branding or a huge following. 

PHASE THREE, ACQUISITION: Turn your social media audience and email list into high ticket clients for years to come. We'll build your lead generation and sales funnel using my tried and tested templates so you can finally experience the feeling of running a profitable and successful nutrition business.

This proven client attraction funnel has helped dietitian's just like you to SELL OUT their group course on the first launch, attract their first high ticket private paying clients and gain 95% of bookings from social media alone (without paid ads)... pretty cool, right?

Hayden's Story

Dietitian @satiatenutrition


Exactly What You're Getting...

Dietitian Business Academy

The DBA is dramatically different to anything you have seen before in nutrition business coaching. It's a hands on, highly personalised 1:1 coaching mastermind that allows you to connect with fellow dietitian business owners while also receiving the personalised support you need to succeed. 

I have designed this program to address all of the roadblocks virtual dietitian's commonly face. Things like how to build a strong online presence and stand out from the crowd. How to 'sell' yourself and attract clients. And how to overcome fear of selling at higher price points so you can earn more from working less. 

The best part?...

Every step has been condensed and simplified down into a 6 month program that includes self paced online learning, 1:1 coaching sessions and group action taking classes

From the moment you log into the online content portal and dive into the welcome & introduction lessons, you'll immediately see why the DBA is so popular amongst dietitian's wanting a proven way to sell high ticket nutrition coaching services online.

But it doesn't stop there because...

You're Also Getting These Super Special BONUSES (valued at more than $5,500 USD)


BONUS #1: Done For You Social Media Content, Templates & Prompts Library Access ($2,500 value)

When you join Dietitian Business Academy today, you're also gaining access to our 'Content Corner'. This is where DBA dietitian's go to access a HUGE library of social media post, caption, story and reels templates to fill their funnel, save time and improve results.  This is a massive time (and sanity) saver!



BONUS #2: DM Domination Mini Course ($297 value)

Tired of giving away free advice in the DM's? This mini course will show you exactly how to take ANY DM conversation and turn it into a discovery call booking for your high ticket offer. Once you start implementing this process into your business, your income will increase immediately and you'll see just how powerful having the right systems in your business can be. 


BONUS #3: Exclusive Invitation To Client Only Group Action Taking Classes & Special Training Events ($2,500/year value)

Your Dietitian Business Academy membership includes the ongoing support you need to thrive in online business. Many of the dietitian's who come through the program become friends and even business partners! You will build connections for life here and these group experiences are often my clients favourite part of the program. 


 BONUS #4: Social Media Launch Strategy Mini Course ($297 value)

This one is HUGE! You'll gain instant access when you join the DBA today, to my complete training on exactly how to run a live launch from social media. No more confusion, overwhelm, working 12 hours days and suffering from failed launches. Inside this training you'll learn my proven launch system PLUS get all of my templates, social media posts (with captions!) and emails so that all you need to do is customise and use in your own business to get that big pay day on your next live launch. 


Here's What To Do Next...

Dietitian Business Academy

As you can see, the Dietitian Business Academy is a high touch coaching mastermind that can take you from zero clients to booking high ticket sales in less than 6 months using my proven funnel flow.

If this sounds like something your business could benefit from and you're ready to scale to the next level in online nutrition business then I want to hear from you! 

CLICK HERE to complete an application form and book a call with me to discuss your goals and the program further. If you're a good fit, I'll get you set up and started inside the portal immediately.

If not, at very least you'll come away with a clear action plan to help you move forward in nutrition business. 

Either way, I need for you to TAKE ACTION...

Remember we spoke earlier about how important action taking is to overcome all of the things that are keeping you stuck?

I'm here to hold your hand and support you in building the most profitable and successful nutrition business in as little time as possible. CLICK HERE to book your application call and let me help you get there!

Imagine if in the next few months you could be booking high ticket nutrition clients online? Making anywhere from $2k - $20k+ per month just from your nutrition knowledge and expertise... pretty amazing right?

Take the first step and click here to complete the application form and hop on a call to chat with me in person

But I have to let you know that time is of the essence because I only have a small number of spaces open at a time in the DBA so I can be sure to give every dietitian the level of support they deserve. 




Feel rest assured that inside the DBA you'll never feel 'lost in the crowd'. I only open a limited number of spaces inside this program each year to ensure every single dietitian gets results. Streamline your nutrition business and use my proven high ticket sales funnel to start growing today.

Dietitian Business Academy

What You'll Gain

Dietitian Business Academy


  • STOP guessing your way through instagram marketing. In phase one of the program we'll set you up with the DBA Model content strategy PLUS all of the templates and done for you content you need to see fast results
  • Gain my breakthrough strategy for understanding your ideal client and learn how to use this information to up-level your Instagram marketing and attract more clients
  • Learn the ONE THING most online dietitian's forget yet is the key to standing out and getting more discovery call bookings
  • STEAL THIS: There's a straight forward way of planning, organising and posting content that doesn't take you hours on Canva. You'll get all of this set up for your business in the first 6 weeks of the Dietitian Business Academy program
  • SAVE TIME: with instant access to caption templates, story prompts, headline ideas, post templates, reels ideas and MORE! All ready for you to just customise and post. You can find this inside the 'Content Corner' section of your DBA course portal 
  • In phase two of the DBA you'll take your business from amateur to pro with the ONE THING every online dietitian needs to truly succeed at scale (making the shift from sessions to solutions!)
  • My 'let the funnel sell for you' approach that ensures you're never being pushy or sales-y online without sacrificing income
  • Get my 'plug and play' sales funnel so you can apply it to your business and start benefiting right away. No fancy teach or complex digital marketing, I've done all the testing and creating for you!
  • The ONLY lead magnet you'll ever need in virtual practice. Forget about ebooks, PDF's, meal plans and recipe books. THIS LEAD MAGNET (which we create for your business in phase three) will have your appointment calendar full and email list growing all year round.
  • My secret strategy for building an email list - fast! And it doesn't cost you a cent. Most virtual dietitian's look at list building and making sales as separate tasks, WRONG! I'll show you how to streamline these so that business growth and making sales are automated.

Marna's Story

Dietitian @marna.oettle.dietitian


Manon's Story

Dietitian @positive_gut


Jackie's Story

Dietitian @flourish.nutrition


Dea's Story

Dietitian @groweatnourish_dietitian


meet your coach

Hey there, friend! I’m Katie.

I show dietitian's and nutritionists how to streamline their business with my proven funnels. 

I have spent the last 12 years working as a dietitian, business owner, entrepreneur and digital marketer. All to feed my passion for helping fellow dietitian's expand their reach, grow their income and have the impact they deserve.

Enjoy more clients, more freedom and more income today, with the DBA.

I've worked with 3,000+ clients in dietetics and business coaching and have sold more than $2M of products and services using online platforms. 

I am a former member of Dietitian's Australia, former dietitian media spokesperson and mentor to new graduate dietitian's.

Dietitian Business Academy is the program I wish I had when I was growing my virtual practice. It's the affordable, supportive, all in one strategy that gives you the foundations you need to truly thrive in virtual practice.

Leave the fear and procrastination behind my friend and together, lets' build you a successful virtual practice that will transform your career and life forever!

Katie x


I don't want you to have to waste a single moment more trying to figure out how to make high ticket sales online. Apply for the DBA, chat with me about your goals and let me give you the exact funnel you need to hit your money & business goals NOW...


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