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Online Clients & Passive Income

Escape the time for money trap and discover how to use social media to add an extra $2k - $20k+ per month to your virtual practice. Join 100+ dietitian's who trust the DBA to grow online and create their dream life!

Imagine If

  • You were able to make enough income online to replace your clinical wage and achieve financial security (heellooo freedom!)
  • You didn't waste hours each day spinning your wheels with social media for dismal results
  • You were able to confidently run your online practice without the struggle of self doubt & imposter syndrome 👑
  • You no longer had to rely on seeing clients to hit your income goals each month 
  • You were finally able to get the digital product / program idea out of your head and into the real world AND have a hot list of buyers who can't wait to buy it form you 🔥

So What's In Your Way?..

  • Perhaps you're desperately trying to figure it out alone and are convinced it shouldn't be so hard
  • You're nervous about investing in a coach in case you don't see a return on investment
  • You're worried that you're not established enough online to be successful in making passive sales
  • You may have already invested in a nutrition business coach but it wasn't what you expected
  • You're worried that everyone else knows more than you or is further along in their virtual practice than you. This fear is holding you back from accessing the support needed to move forward
  • The worry of 'but what if I fail?', 'what if it doesn't work?', 'what if I invest the money and I don't get anything back?', 'do I really need a business coach?'


Here's the truth... building a successful online dietitian practice isn't all piña colada's by the pool 🍹


I know, booo right? But hey! Who am I to tell you those dreamy 'work from anywhere' Instagram accounts are B.S. If that works for you then I'm cheering for you friend 👏

However if that hasn't worked out for you so far and you're looking for real world support to make your business dreams come true then you're in the right place. 

Whether you're new to virtual practice or have been at it for a while, the Dietitian Business Academy gets you to the results faster. It gives you the personalised coaching and support needed to navigate the challenges of virtual practice and passive online sales.

I know this because I have been where you are right now and I've created every single step of the DBA program to ensure it answers the questions that are keeping you stuck. Questions like:

🙋‍♀️ How do I stand out from others in my niche (or even pick a niche in the first place)?

🙋‍♀️ What makes me different and can I really do this?

🙋‍♀️ Don't I need a website before I can start to monetise online?

🙋‍♀️ How much should I charge?

🙋‍♀️ How do I generate sales?

The list goes on!

So yes, building an online dietitian practice has it's challenges but it sure as heck is a whole lot easier with someone there to hold your hand, warn you of the sharks, show you where the traps are and get your mindset back on track when those voices in your head start turning you into a big puddle of self doubt. 

What do you say? Shall we tackle this whole online business thing together so you can get to the good parts faster? 👯

How It Works

The Dietitian Business Academy is the business & marketing training you wish you had at university (only way more fun 🤩)

what you


  • 12 months access to more than 75 business and marketing training lessons organised over three separate schools; Content School, Product School & Sales School. A little nerdy, but outrageously helpful 🤓
  • All the resources and templates you need to set up your virtual practice for success (did I mention it's already helped to grow 100+ dietitian business online and generate more than $1M in sales 🤯). Online income... here we come! 🎉
  • Find your Dietitian genius zone and build your winning content strategy in the first 2 weeks (this is also the time we'll cover all the niching and social media optimisation stuff to ensure you're not missing a beat 🎶)
  • Discover how to use Instagram and other online platforms to build an in-demand nutrition brand and list of buyers by the 6 week mark (no more being at the mercy of algorithms!)
  • Plan, create and sell your digital nutrition products and start generating both active & passive online income. You'll start monetising no later than month 4-6 💸 depending on how established you are online when we start
  • Create simple but powerful marketing and sales funnels for your virtual practice that grows your business on auto-pilot ✈️ My secret funnel flows, copywriting templates, landing pages and sales pages are all yours!
  • Mingle with the most amazing group of global dietitian's on the internet! 👯 You'll join us each week for a group action taking class, accountability and refreshing beverage 🥤
  • Last but not least, 12 x 60 minute private coaching calls with Katie, your online dietitian biz BFF 👩🏻‍💻 Tackle mindset, self doubt, strategy, goal setting and more as you work together through the Dietitian Business Academy step by step

Yikes! That's a lot of game changing nutrition business goodness right there. Still wondering if it's the right nutrition business program for you?..

The DBA Is Perfect For You If...

  • You're thinking of starting a virtual practice but don't know how. Even if you have zero talent when it comes to social media or content creation (we've go you!) 
  • You already have an online practice but feel stuck when it comes to next steps and income growth 
  • You've been thinking about creating an online course for ages but just need someone to help you pull up your big girl pants and get it done
  • You're too busy to take on more clients and want to establish a passive income stream that can scale without clogging up your calendar
  • You're just sick and tired of not getting the results you want in virtual practice and are ready to have someone show you the way
  • Business feels lonely and you want a coach to bounce ideas off of as well as a supportive community of like-minded dietitian's who can share your wins and support you through your struggles
  • If one or more of these points resonated with you then let's do this! Apply via the button below and come join us inside the Dietitian Business Academy 🥂

Yes, Katie! I'm ready to start growing and earning online 🚀

Peak Inside


Content School

Inside Content School is where you'll begin and spend the first 6 weeks of the DBA program. It's where you'll get clear on your dietitian genius zone, marketing message, social media strategy and how to use online platforms to build a standout nutrition brand


Product School

Your second two months in the DBA will be spent in product school. This is where we'll build your list of buyers and create irresistible digital products or programs to solve their biggest challenges. ever wanted to create an online course? This is where we'll bring that vision to life! 


Sales School

Sales school is all about soul centred selling. You will spend the final two months of the program in this section getting sales confident and establishing your passive income funnels from truly authentic foundations

Ready to have the virtual practice you know you're capable of building?

What Dietitian's Are Saying

I can't recommend Katie enough for all the support ❤️. After following the content plans, my account reach is up 92%, engagement is up by 24% and followers have increased by 4%. I'm definitely moving in the right direction.

Emma @dietitian.withadifference UK

After doing your course I decided to take action and post. It's been the most liked and shared post I have had so far and a lot of people found it so helpful. Thanks so much for your amazing tips! I'm also booking 85% of my clients from Instagram now!

Cristian @coeliac_dietitian Leeds, UK

I would definitely recommend working with Katie. She has given me greater insight on how to streamline my business and make it work better for myself and my clients. The monthly bundles are really helpful in addition to the live action taking sessions which make sure I get things done. The added bonus of having access to 1:1 coaching on a weekly basis has been invaluable. 

Rania @fertilitypcosnutritionist London, UK

the person behind the program - the person behind the program

Hey, I'm Katie!..

Fellow dietitian and business coach.

I am a bariatric dietitian from Australia with more than 13 years experience. When I first launched my nutrition business in 2011, I never could have dreamed that I'd go on to sell $2M+ of products and services using online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Google.

The power of online business for dietitian's captivated me so much that I went full time into business coaching in 2020 so I could help more of my colleagues to achieve similar results using my proven strategies. 

It's fair to say I'm a bit of a marketing nerd :-) I love to write copy, build landing pages and create funnels for my clients. When I'm not at the desk or on coaching calls, you'll find me in the gym or spending time with my three kids Matthias, Isla and Luca. I also LOVE to cook and can't say no to a glass of Rosè wine :-) 

I cannot wait to hop on a call with you so we can 'virtually' meet to discuss your DBA application. I am certain this will be the BEST decision you make for your business and career, EVER because I am not one to over promise and under deliver... Instead when you get into the DBA portal you'll immediately see why this program is getting such exciting results for dietitian's just like you. 

Click the button below right now to apply and schedule your obligation free application call, I can't wait to meet you!

Join more than 100 other dietitian's who have transformed their virtual practice with the Dietitian Business Academy


client stories

Having access to trainings has helped me to take action. It has eliminated some of the guesswork. But most of all, having your support as a coach to help me not to give up has really made a difference. It helps to know that someone believes that I am “almost there” and that I can do it.

Marna @marna.oettle.dietitian South Africa

Katie has helped me improve my confidence as a business owner immensely and has helped me create systems that will last a lifetime. Instead of expecting me to conform to rigid methods and protocols, Katie gave me space and time to figure out my niche and helped me figure out a message to my target audience that felt authentic to me. Katie is always willing to help and her professional knowledge and experience has helped me navigate so many situations smoothly and confidently. Working with Katie has been such a pleasure and I highly recommend her DBA program.

Maria Koerner Canada

frequently asked questions - frequently asked questions - frequently asked questions

The DBA is suitable for all stages of online business. Whether you're brand new to virtual practice or have been at it for a little while, the program will get you to the next level 

You have 6 months access to the DBA content portal and 12 months to use up all of your 12 coaching sessions.

It is recommended that you set aside a minimum of 5 hours per week for the dba program. This includes 1 hour for your coaching session, one hour for a doing session plus 3 hours for applying the strategies you've learned and growing your business. 

I'm new to Instagram and social media.
Is it right for me or do I need to be more advanced?

The DBA is suitable for all stages of online business. Whether you're brand new to virtual practice or have been at it for a little while, the program will get you to the next level 

How long do I have access to the program for?

You have 6 months access to the DBA content portal and 12 months to use up all of your 12 coaching sessions.

How many hours will I have to spend on the program content each week to get results?

It is recommended that you set aside a minimum of 5 hours per week for the dba program. This includes 1 hour for your coaching session, one hour for a doing session plus 3 hours for applying the strategies you've learned and growing your business. 

Okay, sounds good! Let's do this 💪