5 Ways To Get Clients From Instagram Today

By Katie Anne Mueller

Have you booked a paid client from Instagram in the last 30 days?

If not, this post is for you, my friend. 

Before we go further, I want to get a couple of things out of the way because I have a sneaky feeling these are on your mind right now...

You do not need thousands of followers before you can expect to get paid clients on Instagram. 

That's the honest truth.

Let me prove it to you...

When I launched my nutrition membership site back in 2015, I had less than 1k followers on both Instagram and Facebook. Yet, 

My first launch was a $10k month

No paid ad's, nothing fancy or techy. I launched the membership to my tiny community on social and my email list. That's it.

I can't express enough how much of a mis-conception it is that only the huge dietitian accounts are making money. It's not the reality!

I was on a call with a dietitian just last week who as 12K followers on Instagram, posts regularly and does all the 'right' things but is making ZERO sales. 

ZERO sales with 12K followers. Most of the dietitian's I speak to would  be mind blown by that. 

So, I hope that crushes your limiting belief that you need to have thousands of followers before you can start making sales on social media...

Now onto the juicy stuff!

How did I create such an engaged community of less than 1K followers, so engaged that they we're ready to buy from me?

That's exactly what I'm sharing with you in today's blog post.  You'll find the 5 key things I did back then (and still do now with Dietitian Digital) to launch successful programs to small communities. 

Before I go into that, i want to point out that this has also been true from my dietitian clients in the Dietitian Business Academy program

Two of my recent students got their first paid client on IG with only 200 followers each.

Amazing right?


Are you ready to learn how you can start getting more paid clients from Instagram as well?

Without anything complex, techy or spending a single dollar on advertising?

Here are the top 5 tips I teach my students and how you can implement them for your online nutrition business:

TIP #1 - Optimise your profile with a search friendly page name

I see so many dietitian's launch their Instagram account with an @name that doesn't reflect their business name, or name on other social platforms thinking this is going to help them rank in IG search. 

This is not true. 

Your @name has little to do with search. It's your PAGE name that matters most. Instead, your @name should reflect your business name or brand name that is the same as your website and @ name on other social platforms so as to be consistent and make it easy for your audience to find you.

Your PAGE name should reflect what you help people with. For example my nutrition business was called The Nutrition Hub so my @name reflected that and my page name was Weight Loss Dietitian (the market I serviced) 

See the difference?

This will optimise your IG account for search on the platform as well as minimise any confusion for your audience who follow you on different social platforms.  

TIP #2 - Update your bio to reflect your niche statement 

A niche statement is the single most powerful piece of text you will write for your business. Ever. 

It's only a few lines long but communicates what you do, how you do it and who you serve in a clear way. Your niche statement should be reflected in your Bio and profile description on social media. That way, when people come across your page it's easy to make a decision about whether they're interested in following you or not.  

By having your bio reflect your niche statement you are able to attract the right types of people to your account who are most suited to what you have to offer in your paid services. 

TIP #3 - Include a clear and compelling call to action at the end of posts

I know this one can feel pushy and overdone but it's super important. Keep in mind that only a small fraction of your followers are seeing, let alone reading, every post you publish. That's why you need to be putting call to actions in EVERY post. 

This doesn't (and shouldn't) always be to apply for your program. Consider trying different freebies in your call to actions like "sign up for my free training" or "join our free 7 day challenge" or "download my free ebook". These are all excellent examples of call to actions that achieve business goals while also delivering value to your audience.  

TIP #4 - Start sales conversations in the DM's

This is a funny one :-) 

We spend so much time trying to get leads by investing in content marketing, advertising, videos and freebie yet when we start getting random DM's we get frustrated by people wanting free help or advice from us!

To avoid missing the opportunity for a client in this situation, try starting your discovery call process in the DM's. Here's what I mean by that...

Say someone write you a DM asking for advice about a problem they're struggling with. Instead of brushing them off and directing them to your paid services...

Try starting your 'sales conversation' by asking them "Thanks for reaching out, can you tell me a little more about your situation so I can best help you?"

Then keep going...

"Can you tell me why you think you're struggling with that?"

"It sounds like [your interpretation of their problem] and I have a plan that I think could work really well for you. How about be go through that on a free call so I can discuss it in detail with you?"

And there you have it... another discovery call booked!

Give this process a go when you next receive a DM on Instagram. 

TIP #5 - Use the chat box in stories to collect leads

This is such an under used strategy on IG! The chatbox in stories is a great way to build your email list, gather interest in a new freebie topic you're planning get leads for a new program...

Even book people straight in for discovery calls (or at least move them to your DM's for a sales conversation) 

Next time you post a story, try using the chatbox to ask for email addresses or to "type the word [your chosen word]" where you can then start a DM conversation 

It works every single time me and my coaching clients have used this :-) 

If you're interested in more helpful strategies to grow your nutrition business, click here to watch a free training where I give away some of my most successful strategies and deep dive into my coaching model that is transforming the way dietitian's approach online business 

See you there,