How To Fill Your Discovery Call With Qualified Leads

By Katie Anne Mueller

A discovery call or 'free call' is a great way to bring new client's into your business, particularly if your aim is to fill higher priced packages. For example a 12-week signature coaching package that's $1k+.

But how do you ensure these calls don't end up being a big waste of time and instead are bringing you highly qualified leads?

I am sharing with you today, 3 tips to help fill your discovery call with 'ready to go' prospects who actually want to invest long term with you...

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Let's get stuck into tip number 1... I should point out that you can use all three of these tips together or just one or the other. Whatever is the best fit for your business and target market  :-) 


For many of your potential clients, investing time is just as much of an ask as money is. If the process to signing up for your discovery call is time consuming, it will weed out those who are not serious about what you have to offer. 

Try to keep your application form concise and ask only for information that will really benefit you and them on the call. A good indication your application form is the right length is that it takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. 

Some examples of questions you might ask are:

  • What is your biggest health concern right now?
  • What is the biggest thing standing in your way of getting what you want?
  • If we were talking in 12 months from now, what would you like to be telling me about what you have achieved?
  • Have you tried any programs for this concern in the past? If so, which ones?
  • What has been successful for you in the past?


This is a very effective way to stop those free loaders! Asking for money changes the game and ensures only those serious about talking to you will apply for the call. 

Be careful not to ask for too much deposit as it can be a barrier for a lot of potential clients. Anything from $10 - $50 is a good ball park. Consider who your target client is and what they would be most comfortable paying when setting your deposit fee. 

A nice way to 'sell' this on your application page is by allowing the money to be credited towards any services they decide to buy down track. That way it minimises the risk and again...

Talks only to your most qualified leads. 


The next tip is to email out a little bit of preparation work prior to the call. This is done after the prospect has booked and has a confirmed time for the call. 

Be sure to advise in your email that the work will need to be completed before you can do the call...

That way, those not serious about talking to you will typically ignore the email and forget they even booked the call! This happens surprisingly often :-) 

Again here, try not to overload them with tasks... anything that takes around 10-15 minutes is a good guide. 

Try to make it something that will benefit the outcome of the call...

Some examples of preparation work you could ask for are:

  • A food diary
  • A food and symptom diary
  • Information about medical history and medications 
  • A profile of their future self - outlining where they want to be after working with you
  • A list of their top 5 goals
  • A reflection of their non hungry eating behaviours such as trigger emotions, times, moods etc.

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Enjoy :-)