How To Fill Your Discovery Call With Qualified Leads

By Katie Anne Mueller

A discovery call or 'free call' is a great way to bring new client's into your business, particularly if your aim is to fill higher priced packages. For example a 12-week signature coaching package that's $1k+.

But how do you ensure these calls don't end up being a big waste of time and instead are bringing you highly qualified leads?

I am sharing with you today, 3 tips to help fill your discovery call with 'ready to go' prospects who actually want to invest long term with you...

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Let's get stuck into tip number 1... I should point out that you can use all three of these tips together or just one or the other. Whatever is the best fit for your business and target market  :-) 


For many of your potential clients, investing time is just as much of an ask as money is. If the process to signing up for your discovery call is...

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