How To Grow Your Instagram Following Using Reels

By Katie Mueller

Want to know how you can grow your Instagram account to get more followers, leads and engagement?

The brand new feature called 'reels' is now live on the platform world wide and it's being pushed big time in terms of organic reach.

You may have noticed that the reach of feed posts has dropped since the month of August and that is all thanks to the launch of Reels, which went live on August 5.

So how can you take advantage of the attention reels is getting to grow on Instagram and consequently grow your business? 

I have 4 tips to share with you today but before we get into that I want to address the one thing that is going to determine how successful of a strategy reels are for you...

Don't overthink it!

This is so important when it comes to any content creation however because reels is a video form of content, I know that you may be freaking out a little at the idea of putting yourself out there on video to the big wide social media...

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How To Get Paid Clients From Social Media

By Katie Anne Mueller

Have you booked a paid client from social media in the last 30 days?

If not, this is the blog post for you!

I'm going to share with you the one thing that makes the most difference to online client attraction above all else...

See, a pretty brand, nice website, blog, good content and a consistent posting schedule are all important BUT

All of that is for nothing if it doesn't convert clients for your business, right?

Without this one thing, all you're really doing is growing vanity metrics at best (likes and followers).

I don't know about you but I'd rather have 1k followers and be making money than 100k followers and be broke!

If that sounds like what you want too, then this is what you need...


Your offer is the single most important thing that matters to attracting paid clients from social media.

Without this, all of the other things you're doing are for nothing. 

So how do you put an offer together?

There are 3 core elements...

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How To Write Social Media Captions

By Katie Anne Mueller

Would you like a system that allows you to write social media captions in less than 2 minutes each AND...

Improves readability for your audience while also boosting engagement?

Then I have a treat for you today :-) 

I'm sharing with you my complete step-by-step system for writing engaging and entertaining social media captions...

We're going to put an end to:

  • That "uummmmm what do I say about this post" kinda writers block
  • Boring one line captions (because you can't think of what else to say ;-) 
  • Slabs of text that keep your audience scrolling
  • Captions that don't compel your audience to take any action toward your business
  • Social media posts that don't work to bring you consistent new leads

Ready to dive in?

Let's get started with STEP ONE...

1. An Attention Grabbing First Line 

Did you know that a whopping 80% of people don't read past the headline?! It sure puts the pressure on to come up with something...

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How To Turn Followers Into Clients

By Katie Anne Mueller

Building a website is no walk in the park.

It’s costly, time consuming and just down right stressful… 

But you put yourself through all of this pain to reap the gain right?

You keep reminding yourself that once the site is up and running, new clients will be flying in and it will all be worth it in the end…

But, if you’re like most nutrition business owners…

 The site goes live, you’re waiting for the influx of new clients

And all you hear is crickets… absolutely nothing!


You keep checking your emails for new leads… but STILL nothing

You have done all the right things. Hired a professional website company or used one of those (supposedly oh so simple) DIY platforms

You have written all of the copy yourself and upload professional pictures

But it’s not converting :-(

And the challenge still remains as to how to drive people from social media to your beautiful new...

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